JCR Executives and Officers

President: Paddy Breeze

Email: jcr-president@sjc.ox.ac.uk 

“Hi, I’m Paddy, a second-year Classicist at St Johns, and I’m very excited to be the JCR President for the year 2023. My job is primarily to represent the views and wishes of the undergraduates in College at the various college committee and meetings in which Junior members have a say. I’m generally the first point of contact when it comes to any aspect of undergraduate life here at St Johns, and I’m always happy to pass you on to the relevant member of the JCR Committee if you’re not sure who to get in touch with. Feel free to contact me about literally anything at all; it’s what I signed up for! St John’s is a fantastic college with a wonderful undergraduate community, and it’s a pleasure to represent and lead it as the President of the JCR.” 

Vice President: Jacob Hill

Email: jcr-vice-president@sjc.ox.ac.uk

Secretary: Edward Huang

Email: jcr-secretary@sjc.ox.ac.uk

“Hi I’m Edward

Treasurer: Ed Patrick

Email: jcr-treasurer@sjc.ox.ac.uk

Academic Affairs Officer: Bulcsu Diossi

Email: jcr-acaffairs@sjc.ox.ac.uk

Access Officer: Daniel Hobart

Email: jcr-access@sjc.ox.ac.uk

“Hi everyone, I’m Daniel – your Access and Admissions Officer. My main goal will be to break down as many hurdles which discourage applications to Oxford, as well as aiding those making applications who lack access to the support networks many Oxbridge applicants benefit from. If you’re a current student please always feel free to email me if you have any ideas or are interested in helping with outreach, and if you’re in the process of applying to university and are interested in John’s (or Oxford more generally), don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have!”

Beyond the Walls Officer: Cosimo Asvisio

Email: jcr-discounts@sjc.ox.ac.uk

“Hi, I’m Jacob, a second-year PPEist and am your Officer Beyond the Walls for this year. I’ll be dealing with the JCR’s external communications and helping run things like careers. If you’ve got any questions, or need help with anything to do with the JCR’s external work then drop me a line.”

Domestic Officers: Vish Ganesh & Sasha Howells

Email: jcr-domsec@sjc.ox.ac.uk

“Hiya, we’re Vish and Sasha (Geographers) – your Domestic Officers. We are so excited to be putting on guest dinners for you and taking care of all things domestic, from airbeds to meals in Hall. Any questions or suggestions just email/message us!”

Entz Officers: Raghav Chari & Lizzie Heywood

Email: jcr-entz@sjc.ox.ac.uk

Environment and Ethics Officer: vacant

Email: jcr-env-ethics@sjc.ox.ac.uk


Equality and Diversity Officer: Matthew (Mattie) Reynolds

Email: jcr-equality@sjc.ox.ac.uk


IT Officer: Yusuke Atsuta

Email: jcr-it@sjc.ox.ac.uk

Sports Officer: Ian Pebody

Email: jcr-welfare@sjc.ox.ac.uk

“Hi everyone, I’m Ian, a 2nd year Engineer and I’m your Sports Officer! My role is to keep everything on the sport side of college life running, and to make sure it’s easy and accessible to get involved with college sports teams. If you’ve got any questions, gym equipment ideas, or want to get involved in sport and don’t know how, don’t be afraid to send me a message. Sports love and jouer xx”

Welfare Officers: Bailey Jones & Rachel Woods

Email: jcr-welfare@sjc.ox.ac.uk

Women’s Officer: Lucy Sarrell

Email: jcr-women@sjc.ox.ac.uk

“Hi, I’m Lucy, a second-year PPE student and your Women’s Officer. I hope to ensure that St. John’s is a safe and welcoming space for all women (whether you partially or wholly identify with the term) and non-binary people. Expect lots of free food, fun events and a healthy dose of feminism. Feel free to message me any ideas you have!”

Returning Officer: Jan Hubel

Email: jcr-returning@sjc.ox.ac.uk

Hi, I’m Jan (he/him), a first-year History and Economics student and the Returning Officer (commonly called the RO) of our JCR.

As RO, I ensure that all JCR Officers are elected in free and fair elections. To this end, I inform JCR members about upcoming elections, procedures and rules, and organise hustings.

I am independent of the JCR Committee, and therefore a point of contact for any complaints regarding the conduct of Officers or functioning of the JCR.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the JCR constitution or election process. You can reach me via email, or in college anytime!