JCR Punt Club

Punt Club Membership:

The Punt Club has rented 3 punts from two boathouses in Oxford. There are two punts from the Cherwell boathouse, one for the season (up until mid-October) one for Trinity. There is another punt from Magdalen Bridge boathouse which may only be used for Trinity. If you are a member of the JCR, joining the Punt Club costs £13 and operates as an opt-out system. This means that £13 will be added to your Trinity battels unless you inform the JCR Treasurer that you would like to opt out. If you are a member of the MCR or SCR, please purchase a Punt Club membership from the JCR treasurer. Membership costs £21. You can purchase a membership (for MCR/SCR only) here:

The JCR Treasurer will pidge you your punt card. If you do not have a pidgeonhole, contact them at  jcr-treasurer@sjc.ox.ac.uk

Booking Punts:

Please only book punts for two hours at a time and be aware that if you are late back or cause damage to the boats, you might be charged. Remember to bring your punt membership card, otherwise you will not be able to use the punts.

Please also always check the respective boat houses’ websites before booking (Cherwell & Magdalen Bridge), as on some days the puts may not be available. If the boathouse websites say punts are unavailable for a period when they are available for booking using the bellow calendar, trust the boat house websites.

Cherwell 1 is available for the entire season. Cherwell 2 and Magdalen 1 are available from 0th week to 9th week of Trinity term.