How do I Connect to the Internet in College?

The 3 main ways to connect to the internet in College are:

  1. Eduroam WiFi
  2. OWL WiFi
  3. Cable connection

Setting Up Eduroam:

Instructions and download links form IT Services can be found here. In short, download eduroam CAT and configure it by selecting “University of Oxford” as your institution, and entering your SSO user name and remote access password. You will need to do this for each device you want to use eduroam on. Eduroam is the recommended way of accessing the internet for portable devices (phones, tablets, etc). 

VPN and OWL:

To access the internet via OWL, you need to connect to the Universities VPN (otherwise, when you try to access a web page, you will be re-directed to a guest sign in page). To connect to the VPN, downlead Cisco AnyConnect, launch it and connect to You will need to sign in with your remote access account. Instructions and download links from IT Services an be found here. Even if you don’t intend to access the internet via OWL, Cisco AnyConnect may be useful for other purposes and downloading it anyway is recommended.

Cable Connection:

All rooms in College should have ethernet ports, so all you need is an ethernet cable (and maybe an adaptor, depending on what ports your computer has). The first time you connect, open any webpage. You will be redirected to Bradford Campus Manager; follow the onscreen instructions. Cable connections are normally faster and more reliable than WiFi, and so are recommended where possible.

Further Information:

Further advice can be found on the IT Services website. Further information is also available from the College IT Office here.